Learn Your Wine Notes

At some point of your wine journey, you have probably struggled with trying to identify the aromas and notes that you’re getting from your wine. This is because wine culture is still relatively new to America, and we are unfamiliar with the certain fruits and flavors that are more traditional to the old world wine countries (primarily in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Here, we help breakdown some of that jargon for you and teach you how to identify wine notes using language that you’re familiar with.

Wine Notes Simplified.

Most popular to European countries, gooseberries can range from yellow all the way to purple and become darker as they ripen. When you consume a raw gooseberry, it can taste sour and tart like a lemon. However, when these berries begin to mature, they take on a completely different taste profile, developing a subtle sweetness with mild acidity, like a zesty pineapple.

What You Should Know About Wine.


Ice Wine


Wine Flash Cards

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