For our Wine March Madness Giveaway Bracket Challenge, we paired several of your favorite NBA athletes and legends with specific red and white wine varietals. The wines that were paired with each basketball player was based on their skillset and characteristics on and off the court. Our instagram followers got the chance to fill out their own bracket and compete for prizes. Learn more about our basketball/ wine pairings below or on our IGTV

2021 Bracket Challenge

Red Wines and Players

Dennis Rodman (Sangria)

Charles Barkley (Malbec)

LeBron James (Tannat)

Zion Williamson (Bordeaux Blend)

Kobe Bryant (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Michael Jordan (Aglianico)

Dwyane Wade (Zinfandel)

James Harden (Ruby Port)

White Wines and Players

Steph Curry (Chenin Blanc)

Kyrie Irving (Chardonnay)

Chris Paul (Ice Wine)

Allen Iverson (White Port)

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Orange Wine)

Kawhi Leonard (Pinot Grigio)

Carmelo Anthony (Prosecco)

Kevin Durant (Champagne)

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