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Wine is more than just a drink, it’s an experience; and it’s no secret that music is a huge part of our lives, especially when we’re just vibing out and relaxing by ourself or with friends. So, we’ve put together different playlists of songs from your favorite artists and paired them with distinct wine varietals to help you better experience your wine and music.


Jazmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales: Drink with a Cabernet Sauvignon

This album is all about reclamation. Each song breaks down topics of sex, intimacy, heartbreak and owning your body. With all the powerful emotions and feels that come through this album its perfectly paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon. This medium-full bodied black fruit wine with a wide range of flavors will journey with you during your wide range of emotions while listening to Ms. Sullivan.

We have also paired specific songs from this album with other red wines.

“Put it Down” – Italian Chianti Classico

You know that if your man is still living with his momma and is always asking you for money, then he MUST put it down in the bedroom . This upbeat song that celebrates the men, who are only worthy in the bedroom, pairs nicely with an Italian Chianti Classico. The sweet black cherry and earthy truffle notes embody the strong characteristics that we require in our man and will have you aroused and wanting more, no matter how many commas he has in his bank account.

“On It” – Red Zinfandel

You know when you’re really feelin’ yourself on those wine drunk nights and get the temptation to send a SEXT or two. The vocals on this steamy, salacious song resembles the spicy and delicious tasting experience you’ll have with a smooth and fruity Zinfandel that is packed with oriental spice, such as cinnamon and vanilla.

“Lost Ones” – Tannat

The emotionality in Ms. Sullivan’s tone and texture can really be heard in her devastatingly beautiful lead single “Lost Ones”. Her boldness in putting her emotions on the line resemble a bold and bitter Tannat with flavors of dark chocolate and espresso.

dvsn Morning After: Drink with a Brut Rosé

This album will get you all up in your feelings. Heartbreak, new love, the ambiguity of an on-again/ off-again relationship are some of the themes woven into the classic R&B vibes that Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 so beautifully brings to us. The different emotions you’ll feel while listening to this album will have you reaching for a nice crisp Rosé. The light-hearted fruity wine will help you live in the music and lighten up any deep emotions that may come to the surface while listening to this album.

We have also paired specific songs from this album with other wine varietals.

“Nah Time/Take Time” – Cabernet Franc

This song shows the frustrations within many new-age relationships. The complexity of love noted in the song resembles the complexity within a Cabernet Franc. With a perfect balance between aromas, flavors, alcohol, acid, and tannins, this dark cherry wine will venture with you to the world of complication and drama within a relationship. 

“Body Smile” – Semi-Dry Riesling

As one of the most romantic songs on the album, Daley promises to make his lover’s whole body smile whenever she smiles. The beautiful lyricism pairs beautifully with a semi-dry Riesling with its smooth honey and fruity aromas that will make you smile while drinking and listening. 

“Conversations in a Diner” – Pinot Noir

The last song of the album depicts the closing of a relationship that you aren’t ready to end. The longing, brokenness, and attempt for reconciliation heard throughout the song will have you wanting  the lighter-bodied and fruiter red, Pinot Noir, that can help uplift the sad and melancholy mood you may find yourself in while listening to “Conversations in a Diner.”


Of course the Queen of Hot Girl Summer pairs well with Black Girl Magic Rosé. This style of wine can be sweet, fun, and flirty, like when you’re ready twerk sumthin’ OR dry and elegant like when you’re in ya bag and want to play hard to get. And both styles work for when you’re flying solo. No matter what type of rosé you get, it is well suited for any type of Hot Girl Summer you want!

The first words that come to mind when listening to Kaytranada are Fun, Energy, and Eccentricity. Sparkling wines are always great to drink with friends, and the bubbles from this class of wine are definitely reminiscent of the energy and fun that you have parties. Not to mention, blueberry wine is not your typical kind of wine. It’s fun, fruity, and unique just like this Kaytranada playlist we curated.


Frank Ocean’s music can make the best of us want to open a nice, chilled bottle of wine and vibe out.  Here are some pairings to get you started!

“Channel Orange” — Keuka Lake Vineyard Amber Vignoles

Pairing “Channel Orange” with an orange wine may be a bit of a cop out, but it works too well to pass up.  The semi-sparkling bubbles of Keuka Lake’s orange wine pairs perfectly with some of our favorite emotional tunes from this classic album. The wine’s fruitiness aligns with love notes in the music, while its dry tannins line up with some darker themes that Frank explores.

“Pyramids” — Lesse Fitch California Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Pyramids is an emotional, yet playful experiment that is best described by a big California Cab Sav.  Lesse Fitch’s offering is dry and pondering enough to hold strong to this sultry tune. There’s a humble earthiness shared between the song and the wine that’s perfect for the occasion.

“Chanel” — Mumm Napa Brut Rosé Sparkling

Light, playful, elegant-words that describe both “Chanel” and Mumm Napa’s Rose. Frank Ocean certainly sparkles on this track, creating luxurious images that you can totally picture a rosé as part of the scene.  The melody of the song floats with a similar consistency as the mouthfeel of this rosé. I see both sides like Chanel-and the second “C” is for “Cheers!”

Planning on vibing out to some Janet Jackson? These three wine and music pairings will help kick off the mood!

“I Get Lonely”  – Wagner Dry Riesling

Wagner’s Dry Riesling has flavors of apricot and lime-fruity bursts that mimic the stuttering percussion of this classic song. This Riesling is dry and smooth, like the whispering, melodic voice of Ms. Janet. 

“Doesn’t Really Matter” – Rombauer Vineyards Merlot

The story of “Doesn’t Really Matter” has some turbulence and bite, as Janet fights for her lover against everything and everyone, but also smooth melodies as she’s in love. This perfectly reflects the palette ride of Rombauer Vineyard’s 2017 Merlot-with its silky smooth tannins and vibrant flavor. 

“The Pleasure Principle” – Whispering Angel Rosé

Janet Jackson could be described as a “Whispering Angel” herself, so of course this elegant, creamy rosé pairs perfectly with “The Pleasure Principle.” Its semi-sparkling bubbles align with the flair of Janet’s delicate high notes.  This is sure to set the mood!

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