Steph Curry

We paired Steph Curry with a Chenin Blanc


Steph Curry became an instant basketball sensation when he was drafted into the NBA in 2009 for his amazing shooting capabilities. As a 3pt specialists, Steph Curry has single handedly changed the way basketball is played, setting new criteria that requires all basketball players to have a decent 3-point shot in order to be considered a true competitor in the NBA. Although his talents as a sharpshooter make him an exceptional athlete on the court, he is also one of the few well-marketed and likable guys in the NBA today and is greatly praised for being a family man, which is why we paired him with a Chenin Blanc.  

Chenin Blanc is an approachable white wine that airs on the side of sweetness and is packed with many soft notes of stone fruits such as yellow apple and pear. Much like Curry’s personality and general appeal, you may think this wine is mild and welcoming on the nose. But once you actually taste it, you get this sharp, sour sensation on tongue that makes your cheeks tingle and your mouth pucker, which leaves you with the same face that you make when you watch Steph Curry score a basket from behind the three-point line.

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