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Vinstinct is a Black-owned LLC founded in 2020 by a small group of women, wine enthusiasts, and graduate students at Cornell University. Our mission is to save wine novices time, money, and effort in wine selection through providing users with personalized wine recommendations from local establishments and increasing overall wine education.  With so many options of wine to choose from, it can be difficult for a wine novice to find a wine that they actually enjoy. We are dedicated to helping you save you time, money, and effort in finding the best assortment of wines for you. We offer online surveys designed to gauge your taste preferences and generate customized suggestions on occasion-specific wines, pairing notes, wine-related events and excursions, discounts, and more. Through our services, you can learn more about your individual preferences in wine, purchase select wines that complement your distinct palate, and discover new ways to enrich your wine tasting experience.

We have partnered with numerous wineries, vineyards, cellars, restaurants, and bars in the Finger Lakes and surrounding counties of Upstate New York to match customers with an exclusive selection of wines produced and sold in these regions. Apart from its historic nature, “gorges” scenery, and indigenous influence, the Finger Lakes region is home to some of the best wineries in the country. Through our partnerships, we not only aim to assist consumers with choosing compatible wines from a huge variety of choices, but also bring awareness to the hidden gems of Upstate New York and share a piece of the Finger Lakes with wine novices and enthusiasts across America.

Take One of Our Wine Compatibility Questionnaires

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Take one of our wine compatibility questionnaires to learn more about your personal wine preferences.

Want to try a new wine but you don’t know where to start?

This quiz helps you choose an ideal wine for any occasion. We provide you with personalized wine recommendations that are compatible with your taste preferences, introducing you to a custom variety of red, white, sparkling, rosé, and dessert wines. Find out more about the distinct selection of wines that complement YOUR palate.

Need help selecting good wines from local establishments?

This quiz matches you with select wines sold by your local wine vendors, including bars, restaurants, liquor stores, wineries, vineyards, and more. Let us help alleviate the burden of choosing a good wine while you’re out. Find out more on what YOU should buy from your local vendors!

Want to explore the wine scene in the Finger Lakes region?

This quiz provides you with suggestions on local wine tastings, tours, and excursions that complement your personal preferences. You can explore viticulture, wine activities, and more in the Finger Lakes. Find out more about YOUR top choices in wine events offed by your local vendors.

Get Your Personalized Wine Recommendations Today!

How it Works.

Our questionnaires allow us to learn more about your palate so we can provide you with personalized wine recommendations from a variety of vendors.


Users complete one of our Vinstinct surveys designed to gauge each individual’s preference in wine for every occasion.


Vinstinct uses survey information to generate suggestions that match users with a unique  selection of wines and experiences.


User view their top wine matches and experiences from a variety of options to purchase wine and explore activities provided by local wine vendors.

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