Michael Jordan

We paired Michael Jordan with a Aglianico


Michael Jordan is without question the GOAT! In the mid-1980s, MJ took the NBA by storm, adding new expectations of what it means to be a powerhouse in the game of basketball. While many fans and players praised Michael Jordan for his ability to glide through the air when dunking on his competitors, he was also an exceptional shooter outside the paint, scoring 60+ points in one game on multiple occasions. Michael Jordan had a rightful arrogance to his character, and when certain competitors talked trash to him or didn’t believe the hype of who Black Jesus actually was, they instantly regretted it, which is why we paired him with an Aglianico.

Aglianico is an ancient varietal and the signature red wine grape of Southern Italy and it can be classified as the GOAT of Italian wine. Aglianico wines tend to be full in body with high tannic and acidic structure, which can be attributed to Jordan’s powerful game, superior athleticism, and arrogant attitude towards those who dared to question his skills and abilities. While these wines are initially very strong and powerful, they have amazing aging potential, which allows tannins to soften and the fruit profile to emerge, making this varietal feel lighter in body, much like Jordan’s airness when dunking on the court.

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