LeBron James

We paired LeBron James with a Tannat


LeBron James is definitely one of the most incredible basketball players of all time, and for a sizable athlete, he’s not only known for being extremely powerful and strong, but also very quick and agile, which you typically find with some of the smaller-framed athletes. Also, while LeBron may be nearing the end of his basketball career, he is seen as one of the few NBA legends who get better with time, which is why we paired him with a Tannat.

Tannat wines are very strong and are known for having a full body with lots of tannin structure. This wine is typically only palatable to a small group of wine lovers who have acquired the taste for heavy wines with strong, bitter flavors. However, you will notice how a Tannat transforms in your glass with time, creating a smoother and more palatable finish that can most definitely be appreciated by many wine lovers.

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