Kobe Bryant

We paired Kobe Bryant with a Cabernet Sauvignon


The late Kobe Bryant was definitely one of the best, if not the best, basketball player in NBA history. He continues to be admired for his competitive attitude, insane work ethic, amazing skill level, high basketball IQ, passion for the game and the list goes on. However, what he was most notable for was his strong desire to win as many games and championships as possible. He would play defense, offense, or do anything that was necessary to win, which is why we paired him with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon is THE most popular and top-selling wine varietal in America. Even though white wines tend to be more approachable and palatable to the masses, Cabernet Sauvignon outcompetes all other wine varietals because it’s undeniably incredible. Also, much like Kobe’s well-rounded skill level and versatility as an athlete, Cab Sauvs are one of the few fuller bodied wines that has the most balanced profile in tannin structure, alcohol content, acidity, and sweetness.

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