Kevin Durant

We paired Kevin Durant with a Champagne


Kevin Durant, also known as the Slim Reaper, is a lethal force on the court. He is best recognized for his 7-foot height and slender frame that allows him to tower over the majority of players in the league and makes it impossible to for his competitors to defend him. KD is not only unstoppable on the court, but also one the most well-rounded and efficient offensive players in NBA history, who only gets better with time. His dynamic ability to shoot, dribble, pass, and drive the ball from anywhere on the court makes him a rarity and the crème of the crop in the game of basketball, which is why we paired him with a Champagne.

Champagne is solely produced in the Champagne appellation of France, and is distinguished as the top of its class and the most iconic sparkling wine in the world. In fact, Champagne was once nicknamed “the devil’s wine” in medieval France because the corks would pop, and the wine bottles would explode due to the pressure buildup in the bottle caused by the second fermentation process of wine. Much like KD’s versatile skillset, Champagne is carbonated and packed with lots of citrus notes that make it very acidic, attacking your mouth as soon as you consume your first sip. Apart from its history and taste profile, Champagne is mainly associated with nobility, royalty, and class, which makes it fitting to represent the prestige that KD has achieved as an NBA star.

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