Kawhi Leonard

We paired Kawhi Leonard with a Pinot Grigio


Kawhi Leonard is the epitome of a Quiet Storm or a Silent Assassin. Kawhi’s 6’7 height, 7’3 wingspan, and giant hands make him one of the best all-around players in the league. He can put points on the board, defend the post, handle the ball, move with great speed and agility, and has even been compared the great Michael Jordan himself, yet he is still one of the most overlooked players in the NBA today. Regardless of his physical gifts, his quiet demeanor and down-to-earth attitude make his teammates and fans view him as just a regular and simple guy, who is not at all interested in the praise or accolades that come with being such a talented player. In fact, he often says that he is more interested in being the best team rather than the best player, which is why we paired him with a Pinot Grigio.

Pinot Grigio is a refreshing, dry, and light-bodied white wine complemented with subtle aromas of lemon, green apples, and blossoms, much like Kawhi’s mild-mannered personality. Despite its soft notes and demure demeanor, this wine has punchy acidity that will make you take a second look at it. And while the wine haters may find Pinot Grigio to be uninteresting or too simple, Pinot Grigio is actually a fan-favorite among many wine lovers in the U.S., fitting well in the roster of the most popular white wines consumed by Americans

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