James Harden

We paired James Harden with a Ruby Port


James Harden is another fantastic player who is strong and big in stature, making it extremely difficult to defend him on the court. However, unlike some of the other NBA players who share the same size and power as him, James is known to be a great shooter, Scoring every type of shot there is to make with ease and great accuracy. Additionally, James Harden is currently considered to have the greatest body count in the NBA due to his sick crossover skills that ultimately leave you face planted on the court, which is why we paired him with a Ruby Port.

Ruby Ports are actually dessert wines that are full in body with a high alcohol percentage and lots of strong tannin structure, making it a powerful wine that packs an even bigger punch. Much like James Harden’s shooting accuracy, these wines are typically fortified with brandy, which gives it that high alcohol content, almost as if you were to toss a few shots of alcohol in your wine. And if you have enough of this wine, it may cause you to fall to your knees just as James Harden’s amazing crossover game will do to you.

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