Dwyane Wade

We paired Dwyane Wade with a Zinfandel


Dwyane Wade was appropriately given the nickname Flash for his speed and explosive power, making it hard for superstars like Kobe Bryant to defend. Outside of being a ferocious player on the court, D Wade is also known to be a likable and giving guy, who positively impacts the lives of many people around him. However, sometimes this niceness finds its way into a game, and his teammates have to remind him to be the aggressive and dominant player that he truly is. This is why we paired him with a Zinfandel.

Zinfandels are bold and fruit-forward wines that lean on the sweeter side of red wines. Much like D Wade’s speed and likeability, Zinfandels give you an immediate burst of enjoyable berry, cherry, and plum flavors the moment you open the bottle and take your first sip. However, depending on how the Zinfandel is made, other spiceflavors, such as cinnamon or tobacco, can sometimes dominate over the sweeter berry notes, reminding the Zinfandel it can also be an aggressive wine. Zinfandels are also known for having a long finish, allowing these fruit notes to sit on your tongue for up to 50 seconds after you actually drink the wine, which I find to be reminiscent of D Wades giving nature.

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