Chris Paul

We paired Chris Paul with a Ice Wine


Chris Paul is a basketball savant with an incredible understanding and intellect for the game. While he is small in size, Chris Paul is known for having a great handle over the ball, with a high assist to turnover ratio and impeccable analytics. But if there is one thing Chris Paul is revered for, it is his high basketball IQ. His presence and leadership on every team is very impactful, and he has proven time and time again that he can improve any subpar or low performing team that he has ever been on and lead them to the NBA finals. Not to mention, his likeness as portrayed in the media makes him appear to be one of the most approachable and kind-hearted players in the NBA, which is why we paired him with an ice wine.

Ice wine is a dessert wine that is served in small quantities; however, it is not a wine to be downplayed or messed with. These wines are some of the most expensive, averaging around $50 for only half a bottle because they are extremely hard to produce. Although this wine is served in small portions, it is heavy body and rich in sweetness, much like Chris Paul’s dominant personality on the court and likable character in the media.

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