Allen Iverson

We paired Allen Iverson with a White Port


Allen Iverson is without question known for his agility and dynamic foot work, crossing over many of the top NBA athletes of all time, including Michael Jordan. He too is a smaller player in size, standing a height of only 6 feet tall; however, Allen Iverson was a fierce competitor and intimidated many of the NBA athletes who towered over him. Rightfully so, these athletes were in fear of breaking their ankles as they fell victim to his infamous crossover. But regardless of his size, he not only had the scariest crossover of his time, but he was also a phenomenal ball handler, offensive player, relentless attacker, and remarkable shooter, scoring an average of 30 points per game. This is why we paired him with a White Port.

White port is another dessert wine that is also served in small quantities; however, these wines have some of the highest alcohol content because they’re fortified with brandy, and will literally knock you off your feet if you don’t watch your consumption. Although served in a small package, white port wines have many dominant characteristics, primarily in its body, sweetness, and alcohol content, which can be lethal to those who think they can handle it.

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