Wade Cellars: A “Chi” Renaissance Man

Curiosity and creativity are the main drivers of innovation. Whether you are a big-time athlete or an aspiring “something”, these traits help us push pass our boundaries and explore uncharted landscapes that ultimately contribute to the rebirth and growth of an individual. This week we are celebrating the NBA legend and destined hall of famer, Dwyane Wade, for his most recent breakout into the wine industry. It brings us joy to feature Wade Cellars, a small Black-owned winery in Napa Valley, California established by the partnership of Dwyane Wade and Jayson Pahlmeyer.

Dwyane (not Dwayne) Wade is a man who comes from humble beginnings. As a young child growing up in the Southside of Chicago, Wade was exposed to the harsh realities of drug addiction, welfare systems, and incarceration. It is nearly impossible for one to alleviate themselves from the horrific cycle that typically burden’s poor Black communities. Yet this shy kid from Chicago was determined and goal-oriented, blazing a trail for himself and becoming a fearless leader and talented athlete through the game of basketball.

The now former NBA star has played as a shooting guard, most notably for the Miami Heat, claiming three NBA championships, thirteen NBA Allstar titles, an Olympic gold and bronze medal, and a World Cup bronze medal. His passion for basketball is undeniable, and arguably his first love. Although Dwayne Wade served as a prominent figure in the NBA for several years, quickly becoming a household name, basketball was only the foundation of what evolved into a booming career within various industries, creating a deep-rooted legacy that is sure to last for a lifetime and future generations. His career in basketball simply helped expose him to the finer things in life, allowing him to develop and take on new passions, eventually becoming a global icon of luxury. “I want more creative input in everything that I’m doing,” says Wade in a Bloomberg Business interview with Stephanie Rhule in December of 2015. He has not only tapped into the wine scene but has also delved into the fashion industry where he focuses primarily on clothing, shoes, and jewelry.  

His introduction and curiosity in wine sparked from his former teammate, Alonzo Mourning, who gave him a few bottles of Flowers’ wines to sample. Although he did not drink much alcohol as an athlete, as it would compromise his optimal performance, he continued to try the batch of Flowers’ wines gifted to him by Mourning, slowly developing a sincere fondness for its taste. He was sold; and with his newfound interest in wine, all Wade needed was a little inspiration from a true wine connoisseur known for producing iconic wines, Jayson Pahlmeyer. Wade was enamored by Pahlmeyer’s fervor and knowledge about wines, and since that faithful meeting with Pahlmeyer in 2014, Wade has embarked on a journey of unfamiliar territory to quench his thirst of winemaking, expanding his luxurious brands into producing wines of distinction and sophistication. Now, under Pahlmeyer’s tutelage and with his partnership, Dwyane Wade was able to produce a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon (Wade Cab),which  popularly sold in China by the end of 2014. Since then, his venture has evolved, helping establish Wade Cellars, which already produces and sells three varietals, including the Wade Red Blend, Wade Rosé, and Wade Blanc. You can purchase single bottle or bundle packages of his wines online for an economical cost of $15-$35 and $85-$180, respectively. So be sure to get your next bottle of wine from Wade Cellars and follow them on IG or Twitter @dwadecellars to gain exclusive insights on upcoming releases in the future.

Published July 24, 2020 | Chelsea Stephens, CEO
Image Credit: Wade Cellars

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