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Check out our content below and let us know your favorite way to learn about wine by rating each category. Thank you for your help and support!

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Vinstinct is a Black-owned company founded in 2020 by a small group of women, wine enthusiasts, and graduate students at Cornell University. We help NEW, Black wine lovers build knowledge, confidence, and connection through wine education and experiences.  While the demographic of wine consumers is becoming more diverse, wine culture remains antiquated, elitist, and Eurocentric, excluding minorities and people of color from the full experience of wine consumption. Specifically, Black wine consumers, who have recently developed a love for wine, struggle with understanding basic wine jargon and finding new wines that they will enjoy because of the sociocultural barriers within the wine industry. The unmet need that our business addresses is helping new, Black wine lovers improve their understanding of wine and enhance their confidence in wine selection by relating wine education to Black American culture. 


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We are dedicated to helping you learn more about wines in an easier and fun way. Currently, we want to learn how we can best serve YOU in this process, so we have related wines to the social and cultural interest of new, Black wine lovers through (1) music, (2) food, (3) games, and (4) language. Check out our content below and let us know your favorite way to learn about wine by rating each category. Thank you for your help and support!


Vinstinct Wine Education App

Our product is a wine education mobile app that offers fun, simple, and interactive games to build and test each user’s wine knowledge. Our app will utilize various intuitive game styles such as matching, fill in the blank, drag and drop, multiple choice, and puzzles to make wine education a more pleasurable and relatable experience for new, Black wine lovers. We are still in the process of developing our app; however, by signing up with us, you will be the first to know when we launch our product. In the meantime, you can play the following games to start testing your wine knowledge.


Easier Ways to Learn Your Wine Notes

At some point of your wine journey, you have probably struggled with trying to identify the aromas and notes that you’re getting from your wine. This is because wine culture is still relatively new to America, and we are unfamiliar with the certain fruits and flavors that are more traditional to the old world wine countries (primarily in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East). Here, we help breakdown some of that jargon for you and teach you how to identify wine notes using language that you’re familiar with.


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