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Enhance Your Wine Education with Vinstinct

Vinstinct was founded in 2020 by Black women, wine enthusiasts, and graduate students at Cornell University. We help Black wine lovers build knowledge, confidence, and community through accessible and relatable wine education. As wine culture continues to expand in the U.S., there is an emerging population of Black individuals who want to learn more about wine, expand their palate, and feel a sense of belonging within the wine community.  However, Black wine lovers often feel intimidated and othered in wine spaces because traditional wine culture is Eurocentric, elitist, and antiquated, excluding people of color. More specifically, Black wine lovers feel rejected in wine spaces because of these social and cultural disparities and the lack of connection among other Black wine lovers. This gap creates a need for accessible and relatable wine education that appeals to our target customers. We achieve this by integrating Black culture into wine education through our Wine Warriors game, a freemium-based mobile app that we aim to develop.